Sunday, 30 November 2014

My Beautiful Enemy (The Heart of Blade #2) by Sherry Thomas

Even taking into consideration the fact that I am more used to an occidental pov, than an oriental one, it still doesn't explain the fact that I found this story somewhat lukewarm.
I can't even give the explanation that I "fell " into this story without having read the previous story, because I did read it, and I pretty much loved it.
I think that for me, Ying Ying's and Leighton's story would have worked better, if instead of two books, we were to have had three: The second book following where the narrative stopped in the first book, allowing us to accompany their relationship, and all that happens next. I can't help feeling that, that would have given more strength to their story by allowing the readers to feel more empathy towards their story.

As it is, we are given flashbacks to see what happened between those two in the past, _for me the more interesting parts of the book _ and then we are thrown into the present, with just too many "balls up in the air":
We have Leighton who is engaged...
Catherine Blade, who is trying to find the Jade tablets..
A maniacal foe who sounds as if he's been having too much fun with catnip... o_O

The issue of both characters having met Herb Gordon..I don't felt a little too much for nothing.
Also, I really didn't appreciate the way the engagement  between Leighton and his fiancée was resolved.
It was too convoluted and convenient, designed  it seemed, so that Leighton wouldn't come out as a cad.

The writing as always is flawless.
In the end, I can only say that this wasn't exactly my cup of tea, but this is not to say that this is a bad book.
It isn't. Only that as an adventure book, or a romantic tale, it needed more on both fronts.

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