Sunday, 16 November 2014

Splintered (Splintered #1) by A. G. Howard

DNF at 50%....because I just couldn't find another "duck to give" (1).

With this one star rating, I am not trying to say that this is an horrible book.
It isn' just ends up being the typical YA book, in which the plot ends up acting as an ornament for an inane romance.
The characters are pretty cardboard like. With fifty percent read, the only thing that has been thoroughly discussed is their "emo", "Gothic", "I couldn't care less about" wardrobe.

The writing style is dispassionate at best, with a predominance for short clipped sentences.

The relationship between the main characters, Alyssa and Jeb has this power discrepancy _ the guy is always telling her what to do _ that really gets on my nerves.
She doesn't think by herself. She has Jeb to do that for her...

The plot moves by ...some sort of serendipity logic, maybe ?
For instance: Alyssa needs to be in a certain place, so without further explanations, or just with a few sketchy ones, there's our a somewhat time travel move. :/ a different part of the globe.
It's done.
For someone who always thought her mother was insane, and with her growing fears that she too might be following the same path, it was a big leap of faith.

There wasn't enough explanations, and a decent world building....I mean besides the emo clothing and the make-up, for which I really couldn't care less.

"Props" (as in items on a stage) are all fine...but they should be _ I don't know! _ "embellishing", characterizing a proper plot!

What do I care if the best friend Jeb has a piercing? And that he's a very art oriented guy?
Is that all there is to the guy?
 That, and taking advantage of his rich girlfriend?
 (For some reason, looks maybe, he reminds me of another character, one who lives on a train with his pet snakes _ I almost wrote snacks....o_O _, you know, the guy from "Wicked Lovely"?)

Well in this story there isn't any snakes _ so far_ but Alyssa does have pet Eels....because...of stuff....
I am sorry, but this just isn't for me.
It had potential _that's the worst _ but the stupid romance just sidetracked it.

And if you must..

(1) From Sarah Rees Brennan's book "Unmade"

“Lucky for you, I have another scheme. First I need a hundred ducks, but after that it will be pretty simple."
"What do you need the ducks for?"
"I´m going to put a whole bunch of them in a giant catapult and launch them over Aurimere," Kami said. "This will create a distraction. My message will be: Look at all the ducks I give.”


  1. I'm sorry this wasn't your cup of tea! I can understand why completely - you've made valid points on everything. Thanks for your honesty!

    1. Hi Johannah,
      Thank you!
      I know that many people loved this book, but I am afraid that no matter how much I tried, I just couldn't get into the story :/


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