Tuesday, 4 November 2014

The Floating Boy and The Girl Who couldn't Fly by P. T. Jones

Arc provided by Diamond Book Distributors through Netgalley

Release date: November 11 th 

DNF at 11 or 12 % ...

Instead of saying something along the line of this being a mess, and how much I didn't enjoy it (something that you can probably see by my rating), I am just going to share with you guys, what I felt while reading a few pages of the story.

Oh, for Heaven's sake, could you stop with the religious references already?
Yes, I get it, you're different!
And...extremely judgemental...
Also, Muggles...ahahah....not really, because it is not your joke to make....especially multiple times. :/

Also, girl?
Could you be more cliched with your dark clothes and red stripes in your hair?

And then out of the blue, the boy just starts flying o_O ? The hell? Was it the doritos? Is everyone hallucinating?
Am I hallucinating? o_O
(why did I request this title? Oh, right I didn't...it was on the "read now" section...)

Is this supposed to be magical realism or some strange form of  science fiction?
Also, what's with this writing? Was this edited?
This doesn't seem to have been edited...

"It all sucks", the main character says.
You got that right, girl: This sucks.
And if you're a day older than seven years old, I'll paint my hair pink!
Fifteen? This girl doesn't sound fifteen...nish :/

Did she just jumped into the river pretending that she was trying to commit suicide?
And are you really talking about anxiety disorder in such a blasé manner?
 And: "So, Logan, he's completely vomitous (..)"
And I am done: I am not this book's intended audience.

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