Thursday, 4 December 2014

And don't Forget that... Stacey Jay's new book "Princess of Thorns", is going to be released on December 9th!
*Christmas gift*
Of course I am dying to get my hands on it (my request is still pending on Edelweiss!), so sooner (probably not..) or later (once I receive my BD order!) I will be devouring it :)

 Girl Power!

Author's Official Site

Pre-order it:
(Normally there's always a Hardback and a Library Binding edition to choose from...this year it took me a little longer to figure them out _ well, I think I have!
So in case you're interested in these kind of details, my advice is to check both book's weight (yes, supposedly the LB edition weights more, lol, and to compare the ISBN's with the edition that appears on
Or, you could just ask Bookdepository's customer support to help you with that...
Yes, I am a picky nerd.
Look, if I am buying a book, I want to get it in my favourite type of edition :)
Those average hardbacks? With that paper cover? *shiver*
See the Blog's name?
There's a reason it isn't called Hardback Wonderland.

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