Sunday, 15 February 2015

Cobweb Forest (Cobweb Bride #3) by Vera Nazarian

Cobweb Bride, the first in this series, was one of my 2013 favourite reads.
In fact, it probably was my "favourite read of them all".
I fell head over heels about everything in it: The characters _especially the beginning of the relationship between Percy and the Black Knight _, the setting, the plot, and finally the writing.
It was serious fangirl material for someone like me, someone who loves Patricia A. Mckillip's and Juliet Marillier's stories.

With the second one, Cobweb Empire, stars were still shinning in my eyes, but something begun sounding a little off.
Its magnificence was unquestionable, but the seeds of something that I particularly dislike reading, were planted there. You see, towards the end of the second one, and most especially with this third volume, the relationship between the characters, and even the tone of the book, starts sounding as something out of minstrel stories: the ones that exalt love and friendship (not my favourite literary subject  I admit).

And even the writing shows a significant change. More opulent and heavy handed, it didn't however capture my interest as the writing style of the first book did.
I admit that I am very picky with writing styles these days: I like beautiful prose...but I am not a big fan of purple one, nor I am a fan of what I perceive as a high dose of pointless adjectives.
That way, what is supposed to come out as deep and insightful, for me ends up sounding cheesy and boring.

I am afraid that's what I feel happened here.
The characters feel as if all of them have lost their personality. The plot became too convoluted and I honestly found myself forcing me to finish it.
The thing is, I wanted to read about Percy, Claere, Beltain, and the likes. I couldn't care less about all the Gods and Goddesses _as well as other people...such as Jack Frost...Jack Frost?? _that end up high-jacking the book...and turning it into something completely dissonant from the first book.

As it is, the romances end up being downplayed _ which makes this feel slightly YA _ and certain characters end up behaving "out of tone".
Yes, I am talking about the two spoiled aristocrats. That behaviour is SO not them!
This rating doesn't reflect however the author's writing capacity. Much on the contrary.
The thing is, in most cases, less is more, and this had one too many balls up in the least it had for me.

But who knows?
Maybe you will love it! :)

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