Wednesday, 24 December 2014

Merry Christmas! :)

That's what we here at Paperback Wonderland want to wish, to all of our readers!

May you spend a merry Christmas with the ones you love. Preferably with peace and health.
And because this is a blog about books, written by obsessed bookish people ( guilty), it wouldn't hurt to receive some _a LOT _ of the items in question! ;)
Just make sure to _you know _ hide the packages from your pets, because...CATS, OMG, they're terrible!

And because Christmas isn't Christmas without fluffy and cute animal images _don't ever say I don't give you anything! _ here they are! ;)
Merry Christmas everyone!

I am afraid Minnie still isn't quite in the Christmas(y) mood o_O

 Something that Formiga is more than ready to correct o_O
Also, there's boxes, and she can sit inside of them...I believe she is one happy cat ;)

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