Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Over the Garden Wall Special Issue 1 by Pat McHale and Jim Campbell

So, I marathoned the whole Over The Garden Wall series and am quite desperate to convince everyone to do the same.

Here you go, watch this intro:

Want to watch it yet? Then go watch it, my review can wait!!

Anyway, if you've already watched it and want to know how this actual comic is like, here we go:
This special takes place between the first few episodes of the series. Wirt, Greg, Beatrice, and the Frog encounter four wayward soldiers of "the Commonwealth" sailing the wheat fields in an upside down bicorne, in search of battle.

Greg climbs aboard with Frog and joins them right away, leaving Wirt and Beatrice to climb aboard the hat as well. 

Turns out they're not actually following the call of battle, but the call of cattle. While they prepare to hoist the non-existent flag once a cow gives out the call of cattle, chaos strikes in the form of apple trees, who defeat them most soundly.

Beatrice, tired of this foolishness, decides to take measures into her own... wings?

What will happen?! You'll have to read it to find out ;)

Now make haste:
and go

Pat McHale's twitter
Jim Campbell's site

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