Sunday, 21 December 2014

Shadow Bound (Wraith #2) by Angel Lawson

After having read "Wraith", the first book in the series, just a couple days ago, I decided to dive into "Shadow Bound" as soon as possible.
Once again in the positives, let me say that the author knows how to tell a story. She doesn't waste pointless time and pages going back and forth, and frustrating readers.
The actual ghost story was done pretty well, and it did manage to surprise me. Something that is always a bonus.
However this time, the characters gave me a serious case of: "Oh, for heaven sake talk to one another"...and.."you've got to be kidding me..".

I am afraid that as romance goes, I wasn't as engaged in this one as I got with the first volume.
Of course there are things happening that aren't all that prone to love and happy feelings..but they do manage to make out a lot, know, seeing them really talk to one another would have been good.
As it was, I couldn't help feeling that Jane was behaving _although in a way it could be considered mature _ a little selfish towards Connor...
She knows ghosts exist, so not wanting to believe in something, just because it still hasn't happened to her, felt a little strange.
Also, I was expecting a little more empathy towards the guy....
I can't believe I am saying this....

As to the writing per se, and reiterating the fact that the story flows, it does however suffer from the same problems as the first: There's a somewhat clumsy "entrance" at the beginning and end of each chapter, that could be easily resolved.
Or maybe it already has, since this edition I've read is from 2012.
Having read these two volumes I am now looking forward in reading the third one: Grave Possession.

Bottom Line: A series that for me is definitely better, than many more known ghost stories out there.

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