Monday, 29 December 2014

The Thornless Rose (Elizabethan Time Travel #1) by Morgan O'Neil

Arc provided by Entangled Select Historical through Netgalley

Release Date: December 29 th
Anne, our modern day character sees the photograph of her grandma's first fiancé and becomes instantly smitten with it, and very determined to act as some sort of Nancy Drew wanna be.
I know this is a time travel romance, but despite that, I was expecting a little more something, to ground her sudden obsession with the guy.
She's a teacher! Logical reasoning would be in order.

Not the: Oh, here is that handsome devil who went missing a few decades ago, I must kiss him at once!

Then the colloquial speech that practically invades the initial part of the book became _for me_ quite tiresome to read.
(though I have been told that it is actually correct, so the problem is mine.)

“I’ve held tea for ye, Anne, but I canna say as I’m happy ’bout it, or ’bout yer grandmother’s goin’ off like she did with nary a word t’ me.”

“What’s troubling ye then, lass?” Trudy asked, her voice gentle now. “Would ye like a cuppa? Ye look a bit queer.”

"(..)she stared into the shadows and recalled her gloried past, conscious of its stark contrast to widowed life."

Gloried? Because she was married?
 Wow, o_O
Built a pyre and throw yourself into it, why don't you?
( I know, I know...but what can I say? My sentimental bones are very hard to find these days...)

And then  I got to the part in which the grandma seems more worried with the fact that Anne will be dressed properly _yes, a big thing back then, BUT, priorities please _ than the actual: Oh MY GOD MY GRANDDAUGHTER IS GOING TO TIME TRAVEL TO THE FIFTEEN HUNDRED' JUST LIKE MY FIANCÉ!

"But you mustn’t wear jeans, or anything short-short, until you’re back in Virginia. You’ll have to find something passably appropriate for the 1500s.”

But what really made me decide to quit reading this, is that immediately after Anne "travels" to that time period the thing becomes "rapey". It doesn't even take a few minutes, or hours, no, it happens immediately.

So, Anne draws the attentions of two bastards that immediately start discussing who will be first...
She manages to escape (yay!)...but they are able to keep following her (buh!), and later on, she is kidnapped (double buh...).
Once again she manages to escape (the odds are clearly in her favour!), and eventually she meets her grandma's missing fiancé (mission accomplished).
Oh, and she even manages to save Queen Elizabeth's life with the Heimlich  maneuver.

Sorry, book its not you _well, part of it... is _ but it is mostly me!
Clearly a casting mistake on my part: Book, we just weren't meant to be together until the very end :(
I bid you farewell.

Morgan O'Neil is the combined work of authors Cary Morgan Frates and Deborah O’Neill Cordes. 

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