Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Wraith (Wraith #1) by Angel Lawson

TW's: Domestic Violence

A decent fast paced YA contemporary, with ghosts.
The characters are well portrayed, as are their issues, and the subsequent relationship with their families.
Here there's no absent parents, and teens "living by themselves in the wild", if you know what I mean.

The plot is straightforward and mostly balanced: there are some chapters with some abrupt entries.
The romance towards the end tends to be a little more present than I would preferred, but it doesn't end being too problematic.

Some casual reference to girls being mean to each other in high school environment, but nothing particularly specific.

There's a small case of damsel in distress "behaviour".
A little "tstl behaviour" on Jane's part, and a little of a "control freak" on Connor's side, but nothing prone to rants.

The part regarding the domestic violence was I am afraid _ you'll see _ well done, and realistic.
In the end,  I just wish there had been more ghost scenes. And that Jane had behaved a little more according to her age.
Let me explain:
There is a mystery involving someone she knows, and she manages to hold google something for a really long time.

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