Friday, 2 January 2015

Bee and Puppycat 01-05 by Natasha Allegri

So I started watching the series (it's all on Youtube!) and I love it, it's so cute!
And it's safe to say that the comics are very, very much like the series, both in the good and in the bad.

The good:
It's super duper cute!
Finally something girlie and magical like Sailor Moon with unapologetic frills and pink bows.
It has addictive plots!
The artwork has that watercolour background dreamy quality to it, while the characters are bolder and just give you the warm fuzzies.
Automatic shipping and enslaved to OTP from the very pilot!
Amazing background story!

The bad:
Lack of definite direction.
Refusal to follow a plot line to the end.
Frustrating cliff hangers which are not addressed in the next episode/issue.

It's like the creators are so into the world and characters they've drawn into life, and have soooo many things they've been dying to do, that they forsake continuity and kind of lose the audience while doing so.

For instance:

The Space Outlaw!

Turned into a monster, the Space Outlaw is... somewhere... and may be... somebody we already know.
But aside from being a one time story to distract Wallace, the fish who misses his mermaid mother, we never go back to it!

And more:

Bee and Deckard obviously have feelings towards each other. He looks after her, his sister know he likes Bee, Bee messages him in the middle of the night so they can cook together.
...And we learn that Deckard has been accepted into a fancy culinary school but is postponing acceptance because he doesn't want to leave Bee.
We see him in the pilot. We see him in the first episode. And in the comics not at all. That's it.

Don't get me wrong, I love the episodes and the comics, but they're frustrating for these reasons.
I'm still going to keep watching/reading because:

a) I love Puppycat

b) I love Bee

c) I really, really hope the shows and comics will find a direction!

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