Friday, 9 January 2015

Haunted Ever After by Juliet Madison

This was a _mostly _fun romp of a contemporary romance with a single dose of paranormal in it.
I really liked the way it started _outrageously funny_ as well as Sally's relationship with her friends during her "hen's party"....first time I had ever heard this expression! lol

The ghost that decides to crash Sally's life was insane and sufficiently obnoxious at times for Sally to order an exorcism...I am kidding...kind of.
Red is loud and more than ready to disturb Sally's well ordered life. When to that, one ads a sexy stripper, who is also a great guy _honestly, could the guy be more perfect? _ voilà, one recipe for disaster coming right up.

What I didn't like:
 I didn't like all the name calling directed at women. Once in awhile, when talking about infidelity, it would be only the women who would get an adjective attached to their names, if you know what I mean.
I really disliked that.
"And bitchy bimbos who can't keep their hands off other women's husbands."
I also disliked that after a great funny start, the story started to sound crazier and crazier by the turn of the page. Bridget Jones type of crazy, you know?
A little overboard for me.

The way Sally ends up figuring something _ yes, I am trying to be as vague as possible _ with Red's help was so... convoluted _yes, I know that one of these characters is a ghost, but even so! _ and convenient, that it just became lame.

Also, it is important to mention again the way Ty, the stripper, is characterized...basically like all that is good and wonderful, which is great, but after awhile....c'mon. Enough, we get it.

He's a stripper because he's trying to make money to enter Medical school.
He takes care of his brother who has a learning disability.
Both his parents have died.
He volunteers for community service.
He falls in love _ I guess _ with Sally almost immediately because....because.
So, basically he's like a cute handsome guy with a six pack  puppy. Who could resist him?

Also, if you're a fan of Ghost Whisperer, you'll be happy to know that after awhile the story does take the format of an episode with Melissa Sally trying to contact Red's family's so that she can go...wherever it is that she has to.
Disclaimer:  I actually started this review as a three star rating.
Basically a case of, book, I think you'll be better of with someone else.

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