Tuesday, 13 January 2015

No Life But This ( Unicorp #2) by Anna Sheehan

This ends up being one of the books with the strangest plot's that I've ever read, and the weirdest thing, is that I only found myself truly enjoying it in the last part of the story; in which the definition of "weird" really reaches places it probably never had.
For that part alone, for the way this plot has its conclusion _and was able to tie up a lot of loose ends_, this would get a solid four rating.

However for a really long, long time this gets focused on an insane/heartbreaking/you've got to be kidding me...twisted relationship.

It has so many twisted scenes which are played by its twisted characters....in a very new adult *my heart is breaking in so many different ways, so let me write you a long ode regarding my feelings*, style.
Definitely not my cup of tea. My patience was running wild like a caged beast in tired circles, because if I had to hear how pretty Rose was one more time..I was going to blow a gasket!

Basically I pretty much hated all the emotional stuff involving Otto, Rose, Xavier, Otto- Xavier!

You know what made me keep reading when all the hormonal crazy stuff was happening?
Quinn. Go figure!
His short fused temper and cruel honestly were a life saver when I was more than ready to DNF it.
And now, after a frustrating start, an irritating nerve shattering middle, and a blow mind last part, I find myself curious about further developments from this world.
And when say this world, I really mean it literally!
Because when it comes to Rose and boys dramas, I've had more than enough.
Give me something new. Give me Quinn as the leading character, but make sure Rose's gets a backbone once and for all. 

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