Monday, 5 January 2015

The Bargaining by Carly Anne West

Arc provided by Simon Pulse through Edelweiss
Release Date: February 17

What it felt like reading this title:
Uncovering layer upon layer of truths tightly wrapped in different time dates, never knowing exactly who was going to present them, and what I was going to find next...

Also, it was _what I guess would be _ akin to be blindfolded, with no clue whatever of what was happening, with no compass, and at the  mercy of a vast number of unknown characters, who'd just make an appearance, and would immediately give it's place to another character....
Frustration may arise....and you may found yourself reading and re-reading the initial pages to see if there was something that escaped you...

That's what happened with me, but I do like uncovering a mystery, and the one in this story is gigantic as the Titanic, and also prone to take people with it when it sinks....

The beginning
I guess it depends on the reader. Some will enjoy the fact that _and once again sticking with nautical metaphors _ one has to give all it has to stay floating in this story's reality_, and others will probably DNF it.
The first chapters are simply a teaser of everything scary that will be happening in the end. And let me tell you, that what ends up happening is completely frightening.

However after that, the tale enters a more calm _although fragile _ story's depiction.
There's a heavy psychological drama underway, and that, mixed with the underlying horror that you keep waiting to jump and grab you by the throat, makes reading this at times, a nerve shattering existence.

I can't help however feeling that the story should have been shorter.
I think that that would have given it more strength, making the feeling that it was sometimes adrift, disappear.
I understand why it happened: Including the psychological thriller aspect, it was bound to give this more strength and a greater depth...however it had the consequence of derailing it somewhat from the horror department until the last third of the story.
I am afraid that those who were expecting only an horror story will be disappointed.
However the psychological drama, and all the connections that we see between the characters _the alive ones and the others _are so well done that I had to keep reading, to find out what was going to happen.

For those however who aspect a strong focus on a certain romance?
Yeah, forget about it, lol, that's not going to happen! ;)

 Despite all that happens, the misery, the heartbreak, the trying to recover from what life has brought you, the scary creepy kids...the main focus of this story are family ties.

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