Thursday, 5 February 2015

Book Pictures, rejoice! ;)

Kevin Hearne's book is the first of a series that I've been meaning to start for awhile now.
As things are, maybe I'll be able to start it next I am not kidding.
I bought Kelly Gay's first book in the series last year, and I still haven't been able to read it :/
And I want to!

Mercedes Lackey's book, Beauty And The Werewolf, is part of a series that I have been following _more or less, The Five Hundred Kingdoms _ some are favourites, like the first, "The Fairy Godmother" or the one about Sleeping Beauty _can't remember its name now _ others were okay like "One Good Knight", and others were a little, This Is Not Good (the third of the series).
What made me decide to  finally buy it?
Well, look at that cover: gorgeous, right?
The thing is, I have the previous ones in mass market, so it would be logic to buy this in that format as well...but I was having second thoughts, and I was considering buying the Hard-cover edition...until the day I found out that it was no longer available through BD o.O...that made me run to get this...despite the fact that it was about 2 euros more expensive than it used to be. Not happy!

Then because I requested the third of Sharon Lee's book I thought it probably made some sense, to, you know, read the first two o.O

On the positives, I think I may have found a favourite new series: because let's face it, I still don't have enough of them! lol
On the negatives: MORE SERIES TO FOLLOW!

Carla M. Soares book has been getting a lot of positive comments _ okay, mostly by Portuguese people, because its actually written in my own language and I don't think there's any translation to English _ so I have big expectations for it, mainly because with the exception of Portuguese classics, I normally don't read Portuguese contemporary books .since they tend to get on my nerves with their: "we are sad, and bleak, and deep...and literary, and you'll have no pleasure while reading us, because WE ARE THAT GOOD."

p.s. Yes, I am a book snob when it comes to Portuguese literature. :/

p.p.s.- Margarida Góis' YA series being the exception to the norm because they are Really Well Written!
And interesting to read about!

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