Friday, 27 February 2015

Dead Heat (Alpha and Omega # 4) by Patricia Briggs

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                                                      Release Date: March 3rd

In a perfect world I would have had the time to re-read all the previous volumes, so I could fully compare all of them.
Not being able to do it, the best I could do was re-read my reviews of the previous books...and they weren't all that helpful. In fact, my previous reviews suck!
And this one, also isn't all that great.
Here's what I know for certain: With the exception of the third book, I have never been a big fan of Charles and Anna. Their relationship was just too quickly done having in mind what Anna had been gone through...
And since we're on the subject, what are the odds of having two series by a same author in which the main characters are raped?
Wasn't one enough? *sigh*
It changes the dynamics: Mercy went from a strong character to being the mate of Adam.
Anna is the mate of Charles, and what does she do?
She is an Omega, she's a walking Valium for weres.
And now she wants kids...
 At least Mercy is a mechanic...

But getting back on this book: It was slow. Painfully slow...
The characters _Anna and Charles _ came out even more dull than what they normally do.
There were way too many references about horses!
For the first thirty per cent of the story, one mainly has boring descriptions about horses.
I don't have anything against the animals, I just don't want to read a long book about them.

In the end, there were times I would forgot what the story's plot was supposed to be about _ Fae on the prowl for children _ because there wasn't a real sense of urgency conveyed on the pages.
Bottom line: as a urban fantasy series I found this story kind of week. There were coincidences, and things that weren't all that explained..
 That is not to say, that as a contemporary drama it doesn't work. It does, but this was supposed to be full urban fantasy.

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