Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Please Remain Calm (This Is Not A Test # 2 ) by Courtney Summers

Unlike This Is Not A Test, which I absolutely love and is one of my all time favourites, Please Remain Calm is more of a straightforward zombie book.
First of all, it's told from Rhys' point of view, therefore less bleak and suicidal, and more focused on surviving and making sure Sloane survives with him.
I really, REALLY liked Rhys!

I never thought I'd get to say this about anything taking place in these books' universe, but I laughed quite a few times, what with one of Rhys' more pressing concerns being his desperate need to pee while zombies were afoot, but an absurd, yet realistically understandable fear of becoming a zombie mid stream and spending the rest of the apocalypse as a zombie with his dick out.
We still get a lot of Sloane, and while she isn't much better (how could she, poor girl) she seems more willing to go on with her life.
Of course, this wouldn't be a novella in the This Is Not A Test universe without completely breaking the readers' heart...
Regardless, if you liked This Is Not A Test (and who didn't?), this is an absolute must read!

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