Sunday, 1 February 2015

Rock Addiction ( Rock Kiss #1) by Nalini Singh

DNF at 21%

Okayyyy... how do I start this?
You may not believe this, but Nalini Singh is in fact one of my favourite writers. Her Psy-Changelling series is _or was _ one of my absolute favourites.
Today I may not be crazy about all her books _ in the sense that I am going to give all of them four and five star ratings _ but I don't think I ever rated one of her books below a three star rating.
This was a bloody catastrophe.

I blame it partly on me. I had completely forgotten this was New Adult *head-desk*.
Yesterday I finished a contemporary romance that I enjoyed, and I thought to myself: Why don't you start with Nalini Singh's contemporary series?
I wish _OH, HOW I WISH _ that this were in fact a contemporary story with down to earth characters... okay, even with a Diva rock star it would have been preferable to this New Adult mishmash :/

Instead I got a supposedly "hot romance" with two idiots: One a doormat, the other an abusive jerk.
And what's with the stereotyped idea that all librarians are virgins?
And that they're waiting for their own special jackass to come and start bossing them around?

If this had been written in the eighties, it would have been somewhat... understandable... but this was written last _bloody _year!
The guy is an ass!
A sexist ass! I don't care if he's sexy!
Yes, I am sure he has hidden depths and that he has got the scars to prove it *sigh*
But, c'mon! The way they hook up? In that "insta" way?
And the girl having the issues she has?
This was thin and improbable at best, but when one adds this type of comments, I am sorry, but I just can't keep on reading this.
I’m not… hugely experienced.”
He shuddered. “Are you a virgin?” Fox didn’t do virgins; he didn’t have the patience for it… but he’d make an exception for Molly. Fuck, he’d make every exception for Molly.
Do I really have to point out all the level of WTF in this sentence?
"I'm not the kind of man who likes to have the woman running the show. I made an exception for you, but it's not working."
(..) The sex between us is mind blowing, and I want to have a whole lot more, but I'm not letting you blow hot and cold."
This happens the second day the two of them spend together.
What's prepared for their third day together?
A dog tag?

Here, I am going to let Cary say it for me:


And if you must :/

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