Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Thorn by Intisar Khanani

I admit to some hesitation when deciding whether or not to read this book, since it's a retelling of The Goose Girl and this has never been one of favourite fairy tales, what with the main character being a passive, somewhat stupid character because the brothers Grimm were women hating pos.
Plus there was that whole issue with Falada, the talking horse, and I, as anyone who has watched The Neverending Story, can't really deal with stuff AT ALL.

Whomever is familiar with The Goose Girl already knows the plot to this retelling - except the main villain in this story is a female David Bowie in Labyrinth, owl, glitter, and "You have no power over me!" included, much to my delight.
Admittedly Alyrra made me want to shake some sense into her, especially when she offered to help Valka, (the lady who stole her identity) along.
That was really the character doing something to fit the plot... But it's one of the few failing in this book.
Alyrra is less passive than the Goose Girl in the fairy tale. Or perhaps equally so, but we're given the reasoning behind her passivity.
She just doesn't want to be a princess, to her being a princess and physical abuse go hand-in-hand.
And she's quite happy being a goose girl, though I can't fathom why:

                                                  pictured: Hitchcock's inspiration, probably

Still this book was a very pleasant surprise, a great fairy tale retelling!

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