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A Magic Dark and Bright ( Asylum Saga #1) by Jenny Adams Perinovic

                                             Arc provided by Bookish Girl Press

                                                  Release Date: April 28 th

I am going to start with what I liked in this story: The first paragraph. It was creepy and atmospheric.

A woman haunted the woods behind my house.
I used to watch her from my bedroom window. She glowed silver in the moonlight, a pale wraith in a white dress that curled around her ankles and twisted in an ancient wind that didn’t touch the pine trees around her.

The characters
Well developed, with their own story and background, they never felt flat.
Amelia is a level headed girl who is going through a hard time in her life, and I felt for her.

The romance
Despite feeling as if thwarted what I was hoping to get from this story _ something way creepier _ it never felt over the top, because Charlie is one of the "good guys". He's sweet and caring, and doesn't appear to have an idiotic bone in his body.
Of course this is the first book of...I don't know how many more, and characters are known to change, lol.

No bloody love triangles in this story: thank you!
I'll confess that when another character appears _ Ransom_ I got a little scared: OMG, a love triangle..NO! o_O
Luckily that doesn't happen.

The writing
I had no problem with it, and I can't help appreciate the little clues that were hiding at plain sight...most of which completely escaped my notice.

The setting in which the story takes place that was inspired in actual facts.

The less than positives aspects:

For more than a third of it, the story doesn't seem to go anywhere.

It has a very "young" YA vibe to it. There were times in which I felt I could be reading an Enid Blyton's story with a mystery lurking at the background...
Even when the bodies start piling up, the tone of the story doesn't change: It continues the same old self, calm and quiet.

Slut shaming, there's some instances of that. Also there were comments on how a girl became bitchy to her friends _ my words _ after "her boobs" _the author's words _ developed.
This really got on my nerves.
Could this be more cliché?

The cliffhanger
The only reason I kept on reading _ despite the fact of this not being my cup of tea _ was simply because I wanted to know what was going to happen.
Unfortunately when things started becoming more ends. -_-
I could even see myself reading the follow up, if it had already been released.
As it is, the sequel will probably be released next year _? _ and I can almost see the heavy emotional angst that a certain relationship will entail,_something for which I simply don't have the patience or interest_ so I'll probably never get around to reading it.

Bottom Line: This is not a bad book _ in fact, it is way superior to some YA bestsellers _ it just needs a different type of reader.

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