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Flunked (Fairy Tale Reform School) by Jen Calonita

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                                                            Release Date: March 3rd

If you're looking for a cute and funny middle grade book, look no further: Author Jen Calonita's story is bound to be a winner amongst its readers, whether they're younger or older.
The only necessary requisite?
One must have a sense of humour:

"(..)a room with a sign that says: Archery—Don’t lose an eye!
Announce yourself before entering."

With a feisty heroine, an interesting and fast paced plot, and great doses of humour, Flunked could be considered as the middle grade equivalent of Hex Hall, but instead of supernaturals, you have a special school run by fairy tale characters. Oh, and there's no romance..since the main character is twelve years old.

“I was caught using fairy magic for personal gain, and my family got all bent out of shape about it.” She rolls her eyes. “Is there anything wrong with wanting the baker’s son to have a crush on you? I think not!”

My reaction: Baker's Son? Peeta! *.* (in my experience a book can never go wrong with Peeta comparisons)


Characters who were at times considered as the "bad guys", are now upstanding citizens determined to reform the *cough* morally dubious ways of other wrongdoers by any means possible.
There's counselling sessions _with the ex-evil queen_ and use and abuse of self help books ~runs screaming~.

There's Cinderella' and Snow White's  stepmothers_ or as Gilly says: stepmonster _ , Wolf, as in: I ate your grandmother, Wolf, and the Sea Witch _ she has a big tank  don't worry!_ as the famous teachers of this prestigious prison school.

"Name: Xavier Wolfington (formerly known as “the Wolf”)
Occupation:Professor of history at Fairy Tale Reform School.)
Likes: Peace and quiet, reading history books(..)
Dislikes: Talk of his former life (Never ever mention Granny!)

My reaction when I read about characters named "Wolf"...yes, my age is showing, lol Unfortunately the Wolf in this story doesn't have all that much protagonist :/

As you can see, this has everything to work out..and it does! In a middle grade scale.

However, I can't help wishing that there had been more character development of the secondary characters, more interaction amongst all the characters...
Basically more development all around.

Also, there's quite a lot of tell instead of show in parts that would have been "awesome" if we could have "seen" them for ourselves. Especially with the classes these kids have!

This story appears to have been written as a stand alone, however, I for one, wouldn't mind seeing more of these characters in a near future.

* quotes removed from an Arc and prone to changes.

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