Friday, 13 March 2015

Once Upon a Rose ( La Vie En Rose #1) by Laura Florand

This was the first book I've read by this author, and I truly enjoyed it.
Okay, not as much as I was expecting to, considering how it started _ brilliantly _ but it ended up being a nice, cosy read.
I think this is probably the first book that I've read, in which a male character is constantly blushing, which was mostly endearing; but towards the end, this and another traits _for me_ became a little repetitive.

We have an OTP couple here: Matthieu and Layla are completely perfect for one another.
Both of them wear their hearts on their sleeves, although Matt tries to hide this situation through a lot of growling. Most of his close family try to act as if they believe the act.
Not Layla. Layla has a lot of fun teasing and provoking the big growly bear...which results in more blushes and incapacity of donning a simple t-shirt in the woman's presence.
The guy's brain apparently turns to mush in her presence: It's sweet! And yes, hilarious.

The problem is that the story felt a little long and repetitive considering what happens _ not much _ besides the romance between those two. Romance that takes place in the span of a week..or even less, if I am not mistaken.

Helping these two love-birds _ lol of course their definition of help may at times be controversial _ is a vast number of characters _ Matt has a big family _ that includes Matt's cousins, who I bet will be the leading characters of the next volumes in this series.

In the end I guess this should be seen as a novella, that has the task of presenting a new series and a new set of characters.
For me _ despite the at times sugar overload _ this was a very positive read.
I enjoyed the setting and the author's writing style. Would have loved it even more, if there weren't so many descriptions of the characters mushy feelings for one another.

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