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Red by Alyxandra Harvey

                                        Arc provided by Entangled Publishing through Netgalley

                                                        Release Date: March 10 th

I am afraid this turned out to be an average paranormal YA romance, of the type that features a mysterious gorgeous boy with secrets, and a girl who promises not to fall under his spell and pretty much fails at that agenda, _especially when the boy in question behaves like an idiot through most of the book _ "five" minutes after they're introduced.

Also there is quite a number of cheesy lines in this book that may induce the reader in some painful sugar inducted comma:

"Air was unnecessary, dust and ash.
His mouth was every kind of sweet drink and every bite of dessert I’d ever had. It was chili peppers and chocolate, cinnamon candies, cherry cupcakes."

-_- *runs away screaming*

 But this story's biggest problem _ yes, besides the previous ones _ is that it lacks development.
Practically in everything.
Things happen in the blink of an eye and that's it. The reader just has to go with the flow..while it gets bombarded with YA clichés from all sides.

The worst thing, is that it had potential. The author comes out with some good twists in the end, _what happens to the villain for instance_ but the story doesn't have solid grounds.
This needed to be developed. It feels as if half the story is missing. Yes, it may be the boring one. But it was needed.
To compensate what is missing, _yes, I am being sarcastic _ there is one too many Ya clichés this book relies on.

YA tropes this book relies on:

Absent parents:
Girl gets into trouble, dad sends her off to live with grandmother and that's it. One daughter dispatched and we never hear from the guy again. He could at least have called once in awhile, right?

And does the grandmother take the time to have a serious talk with the girl? You know, regarding her problems?
Of course not. Waste of time. Let's get the ball  romance rolling.
This ends up being even more idiotic and irresponsible when some facts are revealed.

Special snowflake alert:

"You're not like the other girls at Havencrest," he said.

Says the love interest who only pretends to be an ass through most of the book to deviate attentions from...something.
In reality he's a bloody prince knight charming. Of course.

Bad Boy romantic interest:

" There were already so many versions of Ethan, but this one was clearly the most dangerous.
I could actually like this Ethan."

Of course, because nothing is hotter than a wacko.

Mr Prince Charming Perfect:

" I could recite all of Hercules's trials before I could recite the alphabet."
Yes, yes...but can you make bread?

Hot and You're Cold
One moment they're having a polite conversation as friends, next second the guy's telling her to use the servants entrance to the castle.
 That's right. People refer to the mansion as castle...and I am not talking about the insane one who writes books and has a big crush on Beckett -_-.

Of course the guy is acting this way out of concern for the girl. In reality he's every girl's dream come true.
Result: Boring.

Girl on Girl Hate

Haven't we had enough of this already? Also what's with the logic of kicking Kia _ am I the only one who immediately "sees" a jeep in her mind? _ out of school for her own protection?
What's with this logic?
At least when she was in school she wasn't sticking her nose where it didn't belong.

In the end, a story that comes out severely lacking, whose only redeeming qualities rely on some undeveloped plot twists that appear near the end.

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