Sunday, 1 March 2015

Riveted ( The Iron Seas # 3) by Meljean Brook

I read this lovely book for the first time waaay back in 2012.

The thing is, I never did come around to writing a review for it, and since this is my fourth re-reading (yes, I know...) and I always end up loving it just a little bit more with each one, it was about time I stopped being lazy and just wrote a review.

The problem is... what do I have to say about a good book?
And that's the only kind of book Meljean Brook writes...

I love the characters, but I always love Brook's characters...
The plot is engaging, original, and addictive... like all of Brook's plots.
The worldbuilding is flawless... like everything Meljean Brook writes.

So... I recommend it, not that Brook's books need recommendation.

You see what I mean when I say I don't know what to say about a good book?

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