Friday, 27 March 2015

Royally Ever After by Loretta Chase

                                   Arc provided by Avon Impulse through Edelweiss

                                                           Release Date: April 7 th

4 Stars to  "Lord Lovedon's Duel"

Well, this was fun. And sweet...and unfortunately short. :/
My favourite novella _yes, of the two of them _ has to be "Lord Lovedon's Duel".
If you're a fan of witty repartee and insane characters, you're probably going to love this:

“It seems I must kill myself,” he said. “It is impossible to continue in this world without Miss Sharp’s approbation.” He put the back of his hand to his forehead. “Farewell, all. I go to a better place.”
“I think not,” she said. “I think it will be rather worse than this one and a good deal hotter.”

Insanity all around..I loved it! ;)

And since I am on the subject, why isn't there a series of which this novella could be part of?
So, I could go and you it? At once.

2.5 Stars To The Jilting of Lord Rothwick

As for The Jilting of Lord Rothwick, it had great potential _not that I am saying that I disliked it _ but it ended up being really short for a novella. More like an "itsy bitsy baby" novella. And I wanted more. o_O

In the end there's a presentation of the author's new book ,_ "Dukes Prefer Blondes", release date 2016_ and it ends up having almost as many pages as the second "novella".
Yes Avon, your bookish master plan worked: My curiosity has been roused, and I would love to get my hands on Clara's and Oliver's book right this minute.
~January 2016 for heaven's sake~ mumbles to herself.

Author's Official Site

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