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The Drollery Letters : The Case of The Devil's Interval by Emily Butler

                                      Arc provided by Egmont USA through Netgalley

                                                      Release Date: October 8 th

A delightful, fast paced and quirky adventure who happens to feature a sharp witted ghost as its main character.

Josephine Drollery had everything to lead a happy and successful life..okay, there is was the small matter of an arranged marriage with an idiot..but she was still twelve years old, a lot of things could happen until then.
He could die in the meantime! ;)

*Focus* And did I mentioned that she has a sharp tongue?
Well, she has, and that's something that Josephine doesn't lose, contrary to what happens with her pulse. Poor girl.

Here was someone dotted on by her parents and having a pretty good life. And what happens?
Someone kills them. All of them. Even the not so interesting fiancée...

One day, Josephine awakes. Her body is on the ground, and her spirit is no longer attached to it, and she has no idea of what just happened.

Luckily, the girl is more tough than Rambo and Terminator put together, and on the face of such tragedy, decides to undergo her own investigation.
Also, being a new ghost and such, has some perks _ which I am not going to divulge _ and she ends up being able of putting together a small and non-orthodox "task-force" in order to help her.

The author also plays with the so called "paranormal database", in the sense that this story manages to avoid the same old storylines, opting instead for creating a new dynamic and a whole set of characteristics _ normally associated with other paranormal beings _ for Josephine, who is unlike any other ghost I have ever read about.
Basically, I now see ghosts as cousins of vampires and Fae, lol.

This is a relatively small book and one of the things that shines throughout all the narrative its the quirkiness, intelligence and humour that it displays.

It manages to be funny without being crass or idiotic.
It doesn't take itself too seriously.
And it left me wanting more. Definitely a series that I hope to follow.

I'll leave you with a quote from the Arc:

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  1. Excellent Review! ...and quote.

    Did I mention I am envious you got to read this ARC? (there I said it :P)

    1. Thank you :D
      LOL! And I think you'd enjoy it!
      You know what's the scary part? I am afraid this won't get to be published anymore!
      I can't find any information about the book on the publisher's site, and I couldn't even find the author's official site! o_O
      Also I wrote a twitter hopefully directed at the person who I think wrote it _based on information displayed on Bookdepository's bk page _ but I am not sure about I am basically dreading the moment, in which I'll get: Are you crazy? I didn't wrote this.

  2. Dear Patricia, thank you so much for your enthusiastic and lovely review, of which I was unaware until tonight. My very capable agent is looking for another publisher to present Josephine to the reading public; we hope this will not take too long!

    1. You're welcome! I truly had a great time reading it. So far in 2015 I've only had six favourite reads, and this is one of them.
      Having read this tale, I am sure your agent will have no problem finding another publisher! And when that happens, I'll be sure to buy this book... and hopefully its sequels? ;)

  3. Me perdoa, I meant "Ms. Patrícia"! Thanks for your supportive remarks. I started to write the sequel, in fact, but have put it on hold while my agent finds an interested buyer. Josephine could solve any number of crimes, if people would like to read the series!

    1. Please, don't worry about it, Susana or Patrícia is fine.
      Well I am sure that people will be more than interested in this series once they read the first volume. I remember that while sharing some quotes on Booklikes, my friends were really interested in the story. There's definitely a market for this tale.


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