Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Fairest ( The Lunar Chronicles # 3.5) by Marissa Meyer

Patient's name: Princess Queen Levana Blackburn of Luna

"Your Highness, what do you wish to talk about?"
She slowly turns in my direction. *Holy hell*

"Your parents' death. That was obviously very taxing. You lost them at such a young age. Fifteen, was it not?"
*were her eyes that colour to begin with?*
"I see.."*cough* "you're safe here your Highness. There's no need for glamours, Queen Levana. No one is going to judge you."
Her lips slowly stretch in a charming smile... and they continue stretching *creepy*
"There is always need for glamour... doctor. In every minute of my life. How would I be perfect otherwise?"
"But, no one is perfect Queen Levana. We all have..."
"I am not everyone. I am the Queen of Luna, and I am Perfection."
~Okayyyy... writes down obsessive compulsive disorder. Egocentric.~
"We were talking about your parents,Queen Levana: what did you feel when they died?"
Deep Breath " It was very bothersome. My sister Channary *sneer* decided she was not to be bothered with the details of their demise..."
"That must have made you feel very sad..."
"No. It was just bothersome." She regards him coldly.
~Writes down, sociopath.~
"You and your sister. You must have felt her death dearly?"
"Not really. I hated her with all the powers of Luna."
My mouth drops open. "It is not uncommon for grieving family..."
"I used her skull as a ping-pong ball..."
She laughs at my horrified expression, "I am kidding, after all her head was still attached to her neck."
"Right. "
"If you could name one person.."
"Ah, yes, of course your husband.."
"Of course..."
Yes, yes, I see here, that Prince Evret had already been married with a woman named Sols...
"Winter then... Winter is your stepdaughter..."
"Evret loves her. It would break his heart if she died."
"So she lives... for now."
"Ah, right."
"Maybe we should continue this session some other day, Queen Levana... as much as I would LOVE to continue our session, time has run out."

Parody aside?
I honestly didn't think I would end up giving three stars to this story.
First of all, because I didn't like reading this... but that is not to say that the story isn't well written.
 Levana is more than unbalanced when the story starts... and yes, she has her reasons for it. But it was exhausting to be in her head.
Also, throughout the pages, she goes from being "solely" unbalanced, to being pure evil. That's what made me in the end, give it this rating.
For everything that happens, I guess that half the pages would be more than enough.
Recommended only for die hard fans, I guess. I was left with the feeling that were this the first book I had ever read by the author I wouldn't be following the series...
As it is, I can't wait to read Winter.

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