Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Omega City (Omega City #1) by Diana Peterfreund

                                          Arc provided by Balzer + Bray through Edelweiss

                                                       Release Date: April 28th

The author's series "For Darkness shows the Stars" _ well I hope it is a series, and not a duology _ is amongst my favourites reads, so despite this being labelled as a middle grade story, I couldn't resist requesting it.
Also I've read pretty amazing books labelled as middle grade oriented, so I had pretty high expectactions for this book.
What I found was truly a middle grade story.
Can I complain that it was more middle grade that what I am used to? lol
I could, but that would make of me a complete moron... when I strive to never pass the "partial one" mark.

Allow me then to say _ in a very diplomatic manner_ that I am no longer this story's target. Reading this reminded me of Enyd Blyton adventure stories, like the Famous Five. Books that I more than re-read when I was growing up, but which I haven't touched in decades.

This rating  is intended to be seen as a form of compromise: It isn't a bad book... but it never held my interest. Especially the sci-fi bit. That really didn't work out for me.

Despite this, I  have to mention that the characters are well developed: there's the adventurer who is determined to clear her father's name, the adventurer's best friend who has not only beauty but also brains... the adventurer's brother who has a terrible fear of MONSTERS, the cute older guy who tries to control the kids _ right _ and his brother, the extremely intelligent one who probably has some level of autism.
The interactions between them were all well done. They are intelligent kids, being chased by a "I am going to reveal all of my secrets to you" villain... so, smart kids versus a less than intelligent foe.
Guess who wins? :)

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