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The One In My Heart by Sherry Thomas

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                                                             Release date: April 21

My reaction after having read this novel:

Evangeline has friends. Bennett has a brother and sister. There's clearly a great number of people waiting to be...paired of... with their significant others! ;)

What is so great about this novel _ despite the fact that Eva does go into a stranger's house in the middle of the night... a stranger who knows how to use scalpels! _ is that they're actually perfect for one another in their own imperfections. And, trust me, there's plenty of those -_-

But let's talk about the positives aspects... well, first of all I can't point out a significant negative one!
I Know! It surprised the heck out of me.

Their chemistry... Dear Lord... it basically gets a fifteen out of ten.

                               Do not read this in public!

Their characters
They have depth. They have their issues. They're less than perfect, but they just fit.
The actual depth of the romance. This is much more than A meets B on the HEA road.

The way they connect with their respective families _ which is an important part of the story _ and try to deal with out life has thrown at them... I loved it all!

Oh, and you know how I am often complaining how the guys in historical romances are asses that should be kicked out to the curb? No... well it happens from time to time.
Well, Bennett is in fact a descendent of the Tremaine family line _ see book "Private Arrangements" _ and he is not an ASS... well, okay... yes, he had some moments when he was younger... but now, he has grown out of them it!
I am so, so happy for you Bennett. I never felt like hitting you in the head with a heavy object!:D
So refreshing.

Sorry, but as you can see this is not going to be one of those analytical reviews that I mostly write: I still have stars in my eyes, I can't stop remembering the scene with the princess ball gown. LOL IRL

And I want this in paperback.
Please let this be published in paperback format!-_-

Oh, and the synopsis?
It makes some issues seem more problematic than what they really are. The money thing for instance, is basically irrelevant to the story. It definitely isn't that type of book.

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