Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Currently Reading

Since I was approved to read some really interesting arcs _ Edelweiss has been good to me :D _ I decided to start reading "Ash & Bramble" .
Yes, the fairy retelling addict _moi_ couldn't resist it.
Also, when I was downloading it I took a sneak peek into the story's first pages, and I loved them, which is always a good sign.
Now having read about twenty percent of it, I can say that I am liking it, but not loving it. At least, not yet.

The beginning like I've mentioned before is pretty good, but then it loses some of its charm  in repetitive actions. Despite that, it is still pretty early in the narrative, so, keeping my fingers crossed that it will get better.

Also fairy Godmothers suck. Big time!
( I will never *look* at another Fairy Godmother *unless we're talking about Carolyn's Turgeon ~godmother~ in the same way!)

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