Monday, 25 May 2015

End Of Days ( Penryn and The End of Days #3) by Susan Ee

Mildly spoilers... really tiny little ones -_-

Well, my favourite character ended up being Beliel -_-
How fucked up is this?

Look, I can't even say, "oh, I read the first two volumes so many years ago, that I don't even remember what happened, and I was younger... so my taste has obviously changed." because I made sure to re-read the first two before I started with this one (FYI I still love them).

Despite the lacking world-building and the many unanswered questions, I couldn't care less about it, because the stories _ in both volumes_ had me completely enthralled: they were dark, gritty, fast paced, and emotions were running high.

The romance had all this potential to be amazing: the fact that they couldn't be more different from each other... the whole different species thing... the forbidden "bit".
When one adds the fact that they should be fighting on different sides, Penryn's mother and sister situations, all of this contributed for the fact that I've been anxiously waiting for this book since I finished World After... and now, I got this? *disappointed face*

In all fairness it isn't as if this is a bad bad story, but for me, the whole thing is eons apart from the quality of the first two books.

It took me forever to finish this!
We don't get answers in this book. Things that were important to dwell in are just glossed over.

For the first part of the book, I felt as if it as suffering from second book syndrome, because hell, it was boring. And I couldn't care less for the occasional make up session between Penryn and Raffe. -_-
I went from: "Oh, my God these two are breaking my heart", in the first two volumes, to cringing every time they would start kissing in front of other people or basically making up during a flight scene.
A little too paranormal cheesy for my taste.

The fact that Paige's situation is somewhat placed aside in favour of the romance didn't help.
You know when Doc _ in the second volume _ tells Penryn that her sister is in pain?
The poor girl was cut and stitched like a rag doll, and Penryn never took the time to give her anything for the pain.
Well, there's a part in which Raffe treats some of Penryn's wounds, but once again it doesn't seem to cross her mind to get something for Paige as well.
( look I am someone who is constantly treating cats and dogs, so imagining a girl whose body is all stitched up, and no one coming up with some pills or ointment gets on my nerves... especially because Penryn's main concern should have been Paige. Not Raffe. Raffe is a big man. An old... old... old man angel archangel.

Look, after two gritty, dark, more adult than actually Ya books, I was not expecting this one to be full YA.
So, not bad, but not unforgettable. Just another book with an angel dude and a girl.
Were you to ask me what was my favourite part of it, I wouldn't know what to say because _unfortunately_ no moment stroke me as that remarkable.

Bottom Line: If author Susan Ee decides to write another "last volume" to this series, I would definitely be on board with it and more than willing to forget this one -_-

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