Monday, 18 May 2015

Hold Me Like a Breath ( Once Upon a Crime Family, #1) by Tiffany Schmidt

Arc provided by Bloomsbury USA Children's books

Release Date: May 19th
DNf at 28 %
TW's: for those who are squeamish about ongoing talks about blood.
                                          (like myself -_-)

Sorry, but as you can see I just couldn't turn click another page.

In the twenty eight percent that I read of this, there was nothing that would compel me to keep on reading it.
Sure, at the beginning I felt sorry for the girl. Okay, I still do. Having to live with such a medical condition would be hell _ Thrombocytopenia_, but I do not want to read a full book on the subject!
And so far, all I am getting is "low platelets accounts" "blood tests" "poor me".
And of course syringes. -_-

And no, Penelope's medical condition shouldn't be used as an excuse for the fact that she sounds like a spoiled eight year old. Just on the contrary.
She's used to living with it, therefore some backbone was to be expected.

Sorry, but nothing in it is working out for me. 

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