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The Duke's Holiday (The Regency Romp Trilogy #1) by Maggie Fenton

This could be your typical enemies to lovers romance.

The two main characters look into each others eyes and they know, they feel, that they could basically kill one another without having it weight _ all that much _on their consciences.
That, or basically rip each others clothes!

Oh, oh, look... first thing in common! :D

But besides being a farce, a comedy, deep... deep down _okay, not that deep _ this is a  love story between two very troubled individuals who love to be on control... of basically everything in their lives.

So, Montford _ the Duke _ aka Cyril... aka "my parents were probably wasted when they gave me this horrible combination of names" ( my phrasing but close enough) is all that is proper and boring. A true peer of the realm.
He also has occasional bouts of OCD : I honestly would have loved seeing the guy rearrange the entire library and not just a tiny little shelf.

So here is someone happy content basically depressed with his life (arranged marriage in a month and basic stuff like that..) when he suddenly finds out that the patriarch of a family who has been annoying the Montfords _like... for centuries!_ has actually died a year ago.

And why does this death upsets his well ordained world?
Because in the absence of a male heir, the Honeywell "clan" will lose his land to Montford.
*Adds evil laughter*
( not that Montford would be crass to do such a thing... although he does ponder the possibility of grave... investigation?)

Finally, Montford will be able to install some order in the lands that should have been his: blah, blah, this is mine... blah, blah this is ours (says the other party).

Now Montford, OCD Montford has another set of problems peculiarities:
He can't stand the sight of blood without fainting _ the poor guy actually has a pretty good reason for that.
He has a very sensitive stomach... a little like my cat Gigio o_O, not that Gigio rides in coaches, but he's a very sensitive CAT.
(Montford could be a cat...)

He's also extremely handsome with his blue eyes, chocolate fur and impossibly long beige..whiskers ;)
(My cat. Although it is said that Montford is not that bad to look at too...ah!)

I have no idea where I am going with this review...
 Insanity galore. Borderline insane characters... check
Crazy "ginormous" Pig... check.
(Pig, pig... the oinc oinc type... not the "how ya doing babe?")
Crazy family member... check.
Hateful family members... check.
Insta hate-attraction... check.
One sleaze-ball villain * YOU'LL BE MINE AH! AH! AH!* cue music... check.
Witty dialogues and at times intelligent bratty repartee... check

So why a 3.5 star you ask.
Q: Susana, why the 3.5 star rating?

Well... once upon a time when I started reading this I was your typical "head over heels/give me that book/ go away" bookworm!
I couldn't read fast enough.

And then suddenly I wasn't anymore, because this dragged, and dragged, and craziness started piling up, and I started getting really mad with these two!
Astrid was impossible. Twenty six years old and there were plenty of times when she acted like a brat.

Also I could have done without the : hey you just whipped me... hm, not that bad.... :/
Or the: Hey, you've just trussed me up like a chicken... but I like it. Ugh
(once again my words)

Has anyone seen the cover for fifty shades of chicken? Because I have! AND THE IMAGE IS EMBEDDED IN MY BRAIN UNTIL THIS DAY!
You're everywhere :/ in your silly small mentions.

Bottom Line: With some moments... "trimmed" this could actually be a four/four and half star rating.
I'll probably end up re-reading this in a near future but I think this time I'll skip the end, in which she was trussed up like a chicken, and they were making out in a moving carriage.
The damn thing was moving right? o_O

And whom in their right mind takes of to Gretna Green without... I don't
Some...snacks? Water?
A f****g bath?
And the castle has just ______ ______________!
And she just takes of like that?
What about the girls?
What about all those people?

My poor OCD brain does not compute.

Author's Official Site

Buy it !( With a different cover! More sedate..)
I decided to copy paste the cover above instead because I actually prefer it: I like its bold colours, and for me it goes along "nicely" with the second book _ that still hasn't been released.


Isa's Review
(same rating as Susana's review)

This is the perfect example of "too much of a good thing".
I can't recall a novel with a more entertaining beginning thank this one. The characters are hilarious, the setting is amazing, the dialogue is snappy, and Petunia the pig is great.

Montford, with his OCD and tragic past, is very endearing.
Astrid, with her mismatched eyes and bluestocking ways, is incredibly funny.
And aunt Anabele is one of the funniest characters in recent times!

It was absolutely delightful to dive into this world and all its crazy turns!

Sadly, near the end it started to drag. And drag. And draaag.
I honestly think that the [SPOILERS!!!] rape plot [/SPOILERS!!!] was unnecessary. It's a very touchy subject, unreadable for some, and I hate to see it used so lightly as a plot point. It really sucked all the fun out of the book...

And it wasn't much better how Montford, barely a day after the event, [SPOILERS!!!] decides to kidnap, tie up, and take Astrid to Gretna Green to get married [/SPOILERS!!!]. No offence, but after such a traumatic experience the last thing you want to do is re-enact pieces of it in a ~romantic~ way.

That said, it was mostly enjoyable, and very funny, and I CAN'T WAIT to read the next book about Sherbrook and Lady Katherine!

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