Thursday, 28 May 2015

Wife by Wednesday ( The Weekday Brides #1) by Catherine Bybee

Back in the day when I used to devour Harlequin novels, the whole "marriage of convenience plot" was amongst my favourite to read about.
The thing is, those harlequin novels?

Well they had more plot, and character development than this one! (Ah! Who'd have thought?)
And if they had some "ideas" that today would have sent me into a feminist rant, at least they had the excuse of having been written "back" in the eighties.
This one?
It was written in 2011 for crissakes!
So, let me see if I got this straight:
The woman agrees to marry the guy *due to reasons* and what does she immediately do?

Her "company", her job is immediately placed aside.
The two of them decide to get involved in the blink of an eye.

The guy has the depth of a fluffy... doughnut. A sweet fluffy _duke *snort* _ whose only downside is that he's the embodiment of the rich billionaire stereotype.

He's supposed to be a "player". A cad with two mistresses, but all through the book?
Immediately and completely smitten with this wife. And he sure likes to use that word _wife, my wife.
Cad material. *the only thing missing would be a litter of puppies*

Her amount of confidence can be measured by a thimble -_-

Oh, and the baby issue? I've seen that nonsense before in a Jill Mansell story and I was not impressed! *shakes head*

So why a two star rating?
I managed to finish it *yay*, even if I did skip some supposed "sexy" bits, because I found them _as a couple_ boring as hell.

Better to re-read my favourite harlequin novels o_O

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