Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Insanity of the Week

                                         Random thoughts:

Not only have I been trying to cut down on my digital galleys requests, but I've also been having a hard time finding a story that will catch my interest. In that manner, and to avoid more negative reviews, I am now much more cautious in requesting titles by "unknown" authors.
I know that by acting that way, I may not find some brilliant works, but since I've been extremely familiar with the inverse, I opt to act on the cautious side.

That is not to say that all established and supposedly "well respected" authors are on my tbr list.
Because they aren't.
Authors who make it a hobby to harass and criticize those who review it, get a  permanently"get the hell out of my list" role.
Authors who can't take a negative review in a respectful manner, but choose instead to bring their whining to a social outlet, get no respect out of me. The latest drama queen role has been played  by the famous Joanne Harris who thought it was a good idea to quote a part of a reviewer's text on one of her tweets.
Of couse pats on the back were given. The reviewer was given the evil role character and all seemed to be well in the realm of bullshit.

As a member of Goodreads I had already read that review. A respectfull review, so the way the author reacted just rubbed  me the wrong way _ yes, I also want world peace and fluffy images of kittens _ in that manner, I decided to reblog some of the author's tweets. With some comments of mine... that the author took offense to.
Because... how dare I to express my "opinion" in such a freely manner?
Yes, really, that was said to me: I almost felt the corset being tightened.

Because of course being an author gives you the right to react to what one perceives as an attack.
But when one of us says anything on the subject, we are told to shut it.

Even today, after so many dramas, I still cannot understand how artists who should be aware of the subjectivity with which their art is going to received... react.
How can you not understand that not everyone is going to love your work?
And work it is. Don't call it baby.

When we're talking about a teenage writer  who has just written his/hers first book, I can give it a discount.
But when were talking about an established writer?
What is wrong with you people? Do you really want to be associated to people as Anne Rice and her antics?
Because you know, bad publicity will only take you so far.

And no, just because one of us has reviewed one of your books, that does not give you the right to attack or belittle us.

Also, just because we don't include our social security number of our reviews, it doesn't mean that we're bullies hiding behind an internet persona. It means we have some brains.
Hello, Kathleen Hale anyone?
Why don't you try to put yourself in our shoes and see how you'd react if you were constantly being attacked for not praising books that you can't stand.

Here's a pic of myself: does it change anything that I've said?

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