Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Truth Within Dreams ( The Honorables #2) by Elizabeth Boyce

So... what possessed me to read this story?
Basically the fact that it sounded interesting and that it was bound to be short... you know, being a novella and all that.
Unfortunately it ended up not feeling short at all: with the rampant soap opera characteristics in which the novella relies on.

First of all, the characters:
Basically they're two idiots.

Idiotic, moronic, prone to the occasional cheesy comment (1) and not that smart to begin with.
Yes, not everyone will be an Einstein during their lives, but common sense would dictate that the confusion would come to an end if those two had actually you know... talked to one another?! o_O

Hello? They're supposed to be friends. Friends talk!
This is a pet peeve of mine: I can't stand it.
If you're in the possession of healthy vocal chords, one must talk to each other. If your vocal chords don't work, there's sign language: USE IT.
Don't know sign language?

(1)"He was so handsome it made her teeth ache."
-_- How old are you?????

Illogical behaviour
Besides the one demonstrated by the main characters, there's also the occasional bout of stupidity perpetrated by family members _ Claudia's brother _ who believing that his long time friend had behaved less than gentlemanly towards Claudia, agrees however that the two of them may take a stroll... alone.

“Why do you have Henry’s coat? Did he violate you again?
Are you f****g serious?

Claudia who starts all of this nonsense by deciding to take a very risky attitude, placing Henry in a very uncomfortable position ends up sounding as a complete naive (don't forget stupid) throughout the book (except when she's busy getting naked).
The thing is, a naive most likely wouldn't have taken that stance. So the whole thing has no logic whatsoever to hold the plot in place.
Also she shows a shocking lack of comprehension to the results of her act.

Then there's Henry and his somnambulism problem: all because of a unmentionable situation involving a lady's slipper, the guy acts as if he has the plague.
It became ridiculous.

You're saying that this is a piece of fiction, therefore logic has no place in it...
Wrong. It better have some thread of logic or I'll DNF its sorry ****!

Also, the so called romance between those two ended up sounding really awkward, forced and less than romantic.
Definitely not what I was hoping for when I started reading this.

Good stories: I am in dire need of one.

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