Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Valentine ( The Brotherhood of Fallen Angels #1) by Heather Grothaus

Arc provided by Lyrical Press through Netgalley

Release Date: June 23 rd

DNF at 36%

Damn you... pretty, enticing book cover with your attractive eyes!
I admit it: the only reason I requested this was basically in the expectation that what was on the inside was as... interesting as what was on the outside.*shallow me hides in shame*

Look, if I didn't have anything else to read ( in the world) I would finish this. I could force myself to read it, but the more I kept advancing in the story, the more I kept hating the characters.
I then decided it was best for the two of us to go separate ways...

For a book that takes place in the twelve century ( or was it eleven? Never mind...) everything sounds and happens in a very fast forward way:
_ We have a protected maiden that decides to take matters upon herself to find some lost betrothed practically all by herself;
_ Her reactions do not fit someone of her time... especially a woman.
_Then there's Valentine who comes across as this mix of Antonio Banderas playing Zorro... and Puss in Boots...
It's his hat o_O it makes me think about the cat.

Reading the book synopsis made me hope for some dark, brooding, intense hero... and Valentine *meh* well for me he comes across more like a buffoon:

By the time I decided to DNF this, Mary (Maria) and Valentine were kissing.
Here's the thing: I didn't feel anything between them.
In fact I have no idea why they started kissing besides both of them being attractive people, as people in historical (contemporary, Ya, adventure...blah, blah, suspense...) are supposed to be!

The writing?
I didn't like it. It starts in third person, but the author keeps avoiding pronouns, so, for a long time, every single phrase has "Valentine did this... Valentine did that.
Then, still in third person one time we have Maria, other times we have Mary.
When she's being called Maria by Valentine it's one thing, but to have the narrator constantly changing her name, no thanks.
Also there were quite a number of "No's" that were supposed to be "Not's" ( -_- )was it only in my Kobo that that happened? Because it was strange.
This was an arc so may be that got corrected?
Either way, sorry, not my cup of tea.

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  1. :O I got a card from the author today with the cover and I was like: uhhh pwweeetty cover, must have it... then I saw this post... thank you Lord of the light for keeping my money!

    1. I can only hope that a different book will have this cover, so that I can buy it! lol
      But this one? God, no!
      I have a friend who also read it (she gave it two stars ) and she also didn't like it.
      For me the only positive this book has it's f*****g cover that pulls at us! -_-
      But 16 euros for a pretty cover?
      No way.


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