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Brown Eyed Girl ( Travis Family # 4) by Lisa Kleypas

                                  Arc provided by St. Martin's Press through Netgalley

                                                      Release Date: August 11 th

The first two books in this series are absolute favourites of mine, unfortunately things started going downhill ( for me) with the third book... and now this one.

I absolutely loved the way this story started: the humour, the character's sass. All the things I like in a romance, they were all there...
But things got strange and more than that, they became downright uncomfortable, after the two main characters _ this is not a spoiler, since it appears on the synopsis _ have a one night stand.

Avery is not someone who is looking for a romance. She has reasons to behave in a cautious way, and all of a sudden she has Joe texting and calling her after their one night stand...
Thing is, the guy gets his feelings hurt because she doesn't act as interested as he is.
I thought this was problematic, because he had no claim on the girl to suddenly act all hurt and shit.
Also, Lisa Kleypas had to give me more in terms of what made the two of them suddenly so interested in one another: As a result I found their romance really week and merely serendipity like.

Yes, it's great that the author choose a girl who doesn't wear a small size _ although as a woman who wears 34 I have to say that we are women as well, and no that doesn't automatically turn us into bitches _ and that Joe loves her body the way it is. But besides that, what has made them fall in love?

More interesting that the main characters romance was Avery's sister, Sofia and Stephen's troublesome relationship.
Sofia is Avery's partner and Stephen works for them. They have this "I hate you" vibe going on between them which made things very interesting to read, but then all of a sudden the guy started making comments _depreciative ones _about the way the girl was dressed, and what she liked to watch on tv, and that just made me want to smack his obnoxious head against a rock.

Also, just because the girl likes to watch Spanish soap operas the author didn't had to turn her life into one!
The ridiculousness of the whole thing reached high levels when Sophia's ex-boyfriend makes an appearence claiming that he needs someone to take care of his children, and that he'll take her back.
Despite the fact that she doesn't want anything with him. -_-
(That made me throw a little in my mouth)
I hate soap operas, okay people?

Then this being a Lisa Kleypas, Travis book there's the usual trip to the ER made by one of the characters.
-_- Hello? Again???

Sorry, but Joe was too cardboard like for me to fan over : One of the famous Travis. He's a handsome devil (aren't they all), and he takes photos.
And that is all there is to know about the guy.

Avery was much more developed, which once again made the whole romance between the two of them really hard to buy into it.
At the fifty percent mark she was still claiming not wanting to have a relationship with Joe. When you hear over and over how a character doesn't want a relationship... you believe her.

Sorry but I needed way more for their relationship to convince me... well, theirs alongside Sophia's and Stephen's who all of the sudden found themselves together.
As with all things Lisa Kleypas, this is a well written story, but the romance _ romances, plural _ were disappointments to read.

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