Tuesday, 25 August 2015

The Shadow Behind The Stars by Rebecca Hahn

Arc provided by Atheneum Books For Young Readers through Edelweiss

 Release Date: September 1st

Do you like Greek tragedies?
Like, I don't know, Antigone perhaps? *It's the only one I remember reading during college, okay?*
Because if you do like that more classical style, in which characters are just a means to tell a tale, you're going to love this! Really.
If not, well, though it up.

Look at this cover!
It's stunning: I absolutely love it.
As for the theme behind the story, great choice. As soon as I read "Fates", I knew I had to get my hands on it!

The Shadow Behind The Stars tries to be the equivalent of literary YA, and I only use the YA definition because the story is told through Chloe's voice _ who is the youngest (The Maiden) of the Three Fates.
Of course the "girl" is as old as time, but who is counting?

Truth is, and not downplaying the YA audience (on the contrary!), I think that this story would probably be better received by a different type of audience... the one who loves the literary works  and who prefers a more "dry" type of story?

In case it isn't noticeable by now, I am really uncomfortable with writing this review:
I loved the author's first work (fantasy), and I would love nothing more than to praise this one to anyone who would listen.
But there are some things one hopes for certain in a YA book. Especially one labelled as fantasy as this one:
_ World building: nothing. There's absolutely nothing related to world building in this book, which ends up being explained by the fact of this trying to be an Allegory...

_ Adventure: no adventure in this book. No action. There's nothing in this book besides drama and people crafting and fishing.
Oh, and dying.

_ Romance: *snort*

You know how Greek tragedies start?
Yes, there's drama involved...
You know how they end?
Pretty much all in the same way, but with some bits of wisdom thrown our way -_-
(Everything and everyone is connected? Even when we don't want to admit that to ourselves?)
Well, there you have it: that's what happens in this story in a very metaphysical and philosophic kind of way.

The writing...
Well it has some good moments, but it tries too hard, and there's quite a few repetitions, so it ends up feeling a "little" forced.

I'm sure many readers will enjoy this book, it just wasn't my cup of tea, unlike what happened with the author's first book " A Creature of Moonlight", which ended up being one of my favourite books of 2014.

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