Monday, 14 September 2015

Dreaming of You ( The Gamblers #2) by Lisa Kleypas

Looking at my friend's ratings on Goodreads, it is clear that I am once again the black sheep.



The thing is, despite loving the Wallflower and the Hathaway series to bits, I tend to have some problems with Lisa Kleypas older books _apparently this was written back in 2003 o_O _, they feel very soap operish to me, and I'm sick and tired of idiotic heroines always placing themselves in dangerous situations, so that the hero can save them!

That's what happened here: Sarah is supposed to be an intelligent woman but she's always getting herself into big messes!

As for Derek, I wasn't crazy about him in the first book in this series, although he does redeem himself in this one. Also unlike Sarah, he has some serious background that explains why he acts the way he does.
In the end this was a fast read, but not a memorable one.

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