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Bella and The Beast ( Cinderella Sisterhood #4) by Olivia Drake

Arc provided by St. Martin's Press through Netgalley

Release Date: November 3rd

DNF at 41%

Confession time:
This story provoked such a reaction in me _ and no, it wasn't a good one_ that even after deciding to DNF it, I am still mad as... hell.

Yes, I am not being impartial, because back in the day when I started reading historical romances, most guys behaved as atrociously as this did does, and I would read them and like them.

Thing is, we're in 2015 and violence against women is still the main cause of women's death. More than cancer.
Being a woman our days still means that you're probably going to receive inferior wages compared with guys.
It also means that you're probably going to be subject to sexual abuse.
And to read something that tries to romanticize this type of behaviour in our time and age, really gets under my skin.

I've honestly been going over and over in my head, trying to find a way to write this review without going into a rant, but I cannot.

I can't get over the fact, that during the first interaction between Bella and _ I've come to think about him as the Pig _ Alwynn, he lifts up her skirts so than he can see if she was a specific tattoo (the one you see on the model's ankle) . Now, you're probably thinking: Oh, its just the ankle. It could be worse...
But it is, because not only did she not consent to it, soon enough he is grabbing her leg, and thinking about he would like to do with parts of her anatomy.He has all the power, and she has to submit to his whims.
Not hot. Not sexy.
To make matters even worse, Bella and all the other characters _ from what I read _ just felt flat to me.
I read a review in which the reviewer basically tells that if you liked the Mummy, especially Evie, you were going to love this.
I am not a fan of horror movies. I don't like to see scarabs eating people's... faces. -_-
But I've seen that movie a couple of times because I like the characters.
 I loved Evie's personality. Even Rick's. And I loved their romance.
Bella is no Evie.

So, let me recapitulate:
I hate the guy.
The woman is a nitwitt who is supposed to be strong and brave but instead feels like an Anastasia.
Then I can't stop thinking that this book should be called "Bella and The Pig".
The guy has just gone to a brothel.
The guy returns home after frequenting said brothel, and decides "what the hell, I should f***k Bella as well".
She tells him no.
He decides to ignore her attempts to free herself from his unwanted attentions, because surely that's just her maiden sensibilities arising.
She pulls a dagger to his throat _ YAY! _ but only because she came second to the brothel scene. -_-

No. No. And no.
Not sexy. Not hot.

I want him tramped by a horse carriage.
And he want her shaken until her brain cells get back into place!

There: this is what this book has made me feel. I cannot be more honest than this.
I can deal with brooding, ill mannered Beasts. What I can not do, is stand abusive borderline rapists.
Also to call this a retelling of Beauty and The Beast is really, really pushing it.

First book that I've read by this author, and the thing is, I have been curious about the first book in this series for a long time now.
Now, not so much.

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