Monday, 5 October 2015

Through This House ( October Daye #4.5)

TW: Gigantic Spiders!

Well, I should probably write a review for this short story before I completely forgot what the thing was about!
So, this takes place a couple of books ago _ I've just finished volume nine _ when Toby was sent to open GoldenGreen's Knowe (you know, a fairy underground place?). Honestly don't read it out of order, or you'll miss a lot of the fun.

Thing is, as everything that happens in October's life, things are never as straightforward as one would expect.
The Knowe has been abandoned for so long, that it has become quite "difficult" to deal with.
Yes, I am referring to a physical location as having feelings...
Don't worry: It totally does. After all, it's located in Fairy.

What happens next is another adventure _although small, all things considered _ in the life of our Hero Toby.
And yes, it does involve gigantic _pony sized_ spiders!

You can find this short-story in this Anthology : "Through This House" was originally published in the anthology Home Improvement: Undead Edition, released in August of 2011. 

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