Friday, 27 November 2015

Bryony and Roses by T. Kingfisher

So, this book, this story, it was one of a very small number of books that I was able to read this month. But more than having read it, what is more important about it, is that I actually loved reading it.

As you well know, I am partial to retellings.
This one, not only fits that bill, but it also had the advantage of having been approved by most of my book...ish friends.
So, one of these days in which I was reading _ and still am _ a particularly boring story, I decided to just start with this one. Just give it a go.

Bryony, who most of us would see as a Belle _ honestly, don't _ is a very sensible gardener, who lives with her two sisters: One of them, a very practical don't mess with me kind of girl about whom I would love to read more about. The other... well, she's most of a ninny.

One day, due to fate also known as rutabagas issues Bryony gets lost during a blizzard. After contemplating the eventual loss of multiple fingers and toes, Bryony gets to this mysterious where the hell did you come from? mansion.
Accompanied by her not very smart, but faithfully donkey _don't ask_ Bryony enters the mysterious and magical house...

Okay, so you see where this is going, right?
Okay, I don't want to reveal much more of the plot, so I just want to say that the characters are really well done. They may act true to their roles, but they are also quite modern in their view of those actual roles, like when the Beast recognizes that Bryony is in fact somewhat his hostage.

The romance is there, but it is not the vital part of the story.

Also, I think that this story would be better received by an adult crowd than an ya one.
This may be a retelling, but it is one with thorny spikes. At times it crosses the horror and more sexual line.
What I am trying to say with this, is that purists of the retelling may have some issues with it.
As for me, I like being surprised, so yes, definitely recommended.

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