Wednesday, 4 November 2015

The Chocolate Thief ( Amour et Chocolate #1) by Laura Florand

Lately,  Laura Florand's books have become my comfort reads. This means that when I am in the middle of a particular awful story I tend to wish that instead, I was in fact  reading one of the author's books.

Of course there is always the danger of contagion -_- basically the effect by which an awful book leaves you _ me _ with no will to read, and during said period, no story may satisfy you.
 That's what I thought  was happening between me and this story. After all I should be loving this, and there were moments in which that really happened...
I don't know, it just hit me towards the end of the book, that these two characters were going to have a rude wake up call. In a couple of weeks, months, or even years.
I don't care how much they love chocolate, I found the bases for their romance weak.
They come from very different backgrounds, and I found Sylvain a huge snob when it came to Cade's background, and what she loves.
Alas I wasn't happy with the way some things were dealt . (Highlight for spoiler) For instance I didn't appreciate the fact that Sylvain steals her passport so that she can't leave the country without him being aware of that. Of course there is the fact that at the beginning she breaks and enters in his office multiple times, so that she can try his chocolates and basically to have fun. -_- So, yes, two of the same type, I guess.

What can I say?
I just felt like telling them to grow up.

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