Friday, 4 December 2015

Omens ( Cainsville #1) by Kelley Armstrong

As sure as the sun eventually rises, I knew that I would read this book one of these days.
Not sure, but I would get to it. After all, it was written by one of my favourite authors.

Strangely _or maybe nor_, it was while I was reading Kelley Armstrong's anthology "Led Astray" that I saw what I was missing out on not having started this series way sooner...although, now, I have the benefit of being able to read three books all in one row. Ahah! :D

So, let's start by calling things by their actual names. Is this an urban fantasy dash paranormal romance novel?
Humm, not really. In fact, if I hadn't read Led Astray that shone some light on what is happening in Cainsville, I would probably be suffering from "what the hell is going in here, people?"
This means that in the end I read this as your "basic" psychological suspense thriller with bits of the odd thrown in, once in awhile.

I love it that the author knows how to keep a story flowing. You don't have to give the reader an info dump once every minute, if you just knew how to do things. And the author sure knows how to.
That way, I was finally able to finish a story in a little over one day: huge thing for me, guys.

Also, I remember that I went to sleep thinking about what was going to happen in the story.
It got me invested in it. What more can I ask?

The characters, as usual, are well developed and interesting. I liked how in this one, they feel more raw. I liked how there wasn't the typical and immediate romance... between certain characters...

Having read "Led Astray" I was really curious about Gabriel and Patrick, so it was "nice" to seem them once again. As well as all the other folks in Cainville.
Definitely recommended to all of you who like a good mystery and who like to be kept on the edge of their seat.

On to the second one! :D

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