Friday, 4 December 2015

The Legend of Lyon Redmond ( Pennyroyal Green #11) by Julie Anne Long

Warning: Some mild spoilers ahead.

Although I've read almost all the books in this series _ that's right, I still haven't read the famous book about Violet _, only a small number of them are actually favourites.
Normally the more recent ones... but as you can see it isn't a done deal.

My indisputable favourite still is, What I did For a Duke. Compared with Genevieve and Falconbridge's romance, Lyon and Olivia are just forgettable secondary characters.

As much as I wanted, I just couldn't care about them.
Their insta love and all that follows felt very immature, so I really couldn't understand what all the fuss was about. But I am a grumpy old cat lady ;)

I didn't like the format in which the story was told, because in the first half we get to see Lyon and Olivia falling in love, and like I already mentioned it was very insta...everything. I didn't get that sense of... FATE.
Then they fight as couples do, and he decides to go away, and she to pine over him... until she agrees to marry someone else, in which moment Lyon decides to come back.
Frankly my favourite character ended up the jilted groom.
So Lyon comes back and he decides to put Olivia to a test...
Thing is still couldn't feel their connection. There wasn't enough romance for it.

I know which test I would put him through, but that wouldn't be polite to write in here. o_O

So, sorry, but this definitely didn't work out for me... unless we're talking about "are you fuc***g kidding me?" moments, in which case I experienced a lot of those.
Oh, well, maybe the next book will be of the poor guy who was _______ __ __A____.
Really mature of you, ___. *eye roll*

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