Friday, 4 December 2015

The Seventh Bride by T. Kingfisher

Another day, another retelling. This one vaguely based on the Bluebeard tale...
It has a miller's daughter as the main character and a resourceful hedgehog as the cute sidekick.

Thing is, despite my attempt at lightness, this story couldn't be further away from it.
The writing may feel a little too plain at times _ for which reason I took a star from the final rating _ and the character may feel a little too young, but once again _ read my review of Bryony and Roses _ I feel that this book should be directed at an older crowd.

There's scenes in this that could make it a home in a horror tale.

However despite praising the story's worth, I just couldn't connect with the characters.
Yes, at first glance everything seems to be there: the main characters are a group of very different women. Yes, they form a friendship of a kind to escape their captor, but, I don't know... I guess they felt very one dimensional.
The focus of the tale, it is on the story, and as such, I was left feeling as if any character could represent the roles that needed to be played.
The characters are not that memorable.

On the positive side, I liked how there wasn't any stupid new adult vibe of "oh, let's try to romanticize to bastard who has all of us captives".
Unfortunately it bears saying, since there appears to be a current trend to brainwash girls/woman's brains into seeing abusive jackasses as romantic types.

Bottom line, it was a good story, but if I had to chose between this one and T. Kingfisher's other book that I've recently read, I would still go with "Bryony and Roses".

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