Saturday, 12 December 2015

Visions (Cainsville #2) by Kelley Armstrong

Okay, here's the thing: I'll probably read anything that the author writes.

Kelley Armstrong definitely knows how to tell a tale, and the mystery behind this series is addictive as hell.
~FYI, I had forgotten what it felt to want to binge read a series this much. Cainsville brought that feeling back.~

Then I freaking love the characters...
Okay, I may have a soft spot for Gabriel, due to the shorts stories that I read in Led Astray

I loved Olivia in the first book: she was resourceful and just a strong character all around. Now, I am not saying that that changes in this book.
It doesn't.
What does change, is that, while Omens is a thriller with bits of paranormal in it, Visions enters the paranormal romance department and I kind of hated that. -_-
While it can be debatable the presence or not of a love triangle we know that the thing is there!
Sure, Olivia should go on with her live. It isn't as if she's cheating on anyone since that person has a lot of intimacy issues and may need a bat to the head to figure out what is happening with his own heart, but it still felt strange especially due to the paranormal aspect of the relationship.
Was I the only one who felt that they were behaving like a pair of werewolf's?

What can I say?
Maybe I am biased because I really couldn't care less about those two as as couple, and as such the whole thing was just boring for me to read.
I would have liked more focus on the mystery and less frolicking by the end of the road with Rick.

Even if Rick is a great guy. He is. He really is. 
The thing is that the author has made it impossible to not prefer Gabriel over Rick!
So annoying.

p.s- You know what is also extremely anoying?
The change in the covers design. -_-
The third one seems like it belongs in a completely different "family". o_O

Author's Official Site ( be aware however that this cover, is just one of many others...)

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