Sunday, 17 January 2016

A World Without Princes ( The School For Good and Evil #2 )by Soman Chainani

Still good, but for me it didn't have that wow factor as the first story. Reason for it?
Unlike what happened with the first book which I felt was more complex _ and more YA_ this one felt a little toned down, at least until the last part...maybe the reason has to do with Agatha's character that in the first book was so amazing, but in this one, the girl felt definitely dumber.

It felt as if the author was trying to say, if you're good, you're going to lose a lot of your brain cells.

Sophie on the other hand, is more amazing than ever. She's a character that has actually grown, who knows what she's done and is trying to repent...
Thing is, her methods still suck!
So once again she gets into one big mess (that involves gender bender) and that can cause her doom.
Besides the main characters, we have a villain with a capital V.
We also get more insight into other characters lives, namely a certain evil teacher...

Once again the author meshes all our preconceptions of what princes and princess should act and behave, giving them more depth and consistence. This part would get a four _if not a higher rating _ star rating.
In this volume, the author gives us fairy tale characters well aware of the constrictions of their own world: sexism, misogynistic notions...
And this is what happens when they're taken to the limit: when one again, divisions are made. This time not between good and evil, but between girls and boys.

As for the end, let's say that if I hadn't the third book to get right into the story again, I would be mad as a wet cat.
Cliffhanger alert!

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