Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Haunting Mr. Darcy - A Spirited Courtship by KaraLynne Mackrory

This was such a fun-filled Pride and Prejudice re-telling!

Elizabeth has a carriage accident and is left in a coma. To her absolute consternation her spirit wanders off to Mr Darcy's townhouse, where he'd escaped to attempt to purge himself of his admiration of Elizabeth's fine eyes.

Elizabeth, finding herself in Mr Darcy's library faced with the man himself in dishabille, assumes she's dreaming (or having a nightmare, more likely) the whole thing.
Mr Darcy assumes he's finally headed to Bedlam for his obsession with Elizabeth has him hallucinating the lady in his own house.
Given this situation both of them are more relaxed about everything, since they believe it's all happening in their heads.

Darcy tries to go about his days refusing to acknowledge Elizabeth's presence in hopes of making his madness disappear. 
Elizabeth, who is now bound to Mr Darcy like a dog on a leash, amuses herself by provoking him so most of his relations start to think he's actually gone mad. 

The progression of their relationship was so much FUN!
Instead of purple-prosed declarations of undying love, Darcy just says whatever is on his mind, which is invariably telling Elizabeth she's pretty and that he loves her wit. 
Elizabeth is always a bit uncomfortable with this because she'd assumed Mr Darcy disliked her, but as time goes by they get to know each other and it's so... sweet, without being nauseating and absurd!

In spite of the plot being ripe for that sort of thing, even in spirit and though Darcy is more open when it comes to saying things he'd otherwise never say to a lady, they keep proprieties in place.
I'm not a prude at all, and don't object to sex - if well written - in the books I read. But I always find it so unlikely in Regency England, what with the way they were raised, to have the main couple just jump into bed together...

Anyway, if you like a slow moving getting-to-know-each-other relationship, with humour thrown into the mix, and characters acting like normal and sensible people, then this is the book for you!

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